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I am truly delighted to be co-facilitating, with my dear friend and colleague of many years, Anita Lucia of Inner Mastery Tools, our new weekly healing support program, called Whole Being Flourishing.

Here are the main features:

Whole Being Flourishing ~ membership info
-Open enrollment, continuous offering, access for 30 days from date of payment
Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Healing Support

-Weekly in-depth healing session in support of Cosmic unfoldings, with support materials, and daily field of support for optimal integration

-2 options; single month or Recurring Monthly
Ideal offering for ~ Anyone who wishes sustained highly specialized healing-activation support in these intense times of destructuring. -Specific requests will be focused on as well.
Facilitated by colleagues ~ Jodie Carter and Anita Lucia
One month – $125 USD
Recurring – $100 USD4 sessions per month, 1 per week

  • Special Note: Level 2 enrollment in Adventures in Boundlessness, with Anita & Ciara Young, grants access to both Whole Being Flourishing weekly sessions and the current True Self Alchemy program, with Anita & Elyse Hope; a great value for full immersion in all current offerings!

From our About page:

Understanding the Offering…

We are offering weekly remote healing sessions with daily support that holds participants in a field of blessings. This offering is really an invitation to walk with us, as we’ve been walking a journey of awakening in close contact since 2009. Using the most incisive, comprehensive and pristine modalities we have encountered in all combined years of healing experience, this is work that we pursue passionately by ourselves, for ourselves, each and every day, and are now inspired to open to hold a group of those who feel called, within the field of support that we engage in and consciously cultivate through our journey of revelations; a field of perpetually renewed and enhanced perceptions and refining attitudes.

We have explored so many healing modalities over the years, and retained very few, and through the process we have become very discerning and impeccable in our offerings and claims.


As spiritual coaches and healers, in each moment, we bring forward and share the maximum and newest that we can access, holding nothing back. That said, healing potentials are shared as blessings – healing is never enforced; all healing are changes that occur within the Self. The daily support has the added benefit of the embrace of illuminations, revelations of perfection, and dissolution of what no longer serves, that we have gleaned and now embody, along each step of each our own journeys.

The Weekly Healing Program initiative is part of a larger vision of bringing liberation to all who are earnestly seeking to change their lives. It is for people at all levels on their healing journey.

It works with powerful healing tools and alchemical processes, delivering the cutting edge of what is possible to embody at present, through engaging many angelic beings that are here to support the biggest leap of consciousness in the evolution of humanity.

Logistically, we do a remote healing session weekly, invoking all support for what our particular focus is, and then work remotely on all participants. This is followed up by daily maintenance, where a powerful field of healing blessings is maintained around participants. Participants receive instructions on what to do during the remote session, and how to open to receive the blessings during the week. Each week, an audio meditation or some material is shared, to support the work we are doing.


Both Jodie and Anita share in their devotion to impeccability and effectiveness in healing, and it is not until this year that it felt right to be offering this. Before then, there was still many unclear factors as life on earth was still under elements of interference. That has changed in the last six months, and it is very much time to move into the the highest of what is possible presently. You may think of it as being part of  the first wave of those who establish themselves outside of the laws of compensation.

Each week we feel the pulse of life and sense what is being called for, and from the vast set of alchemical healing tools and ceremonies, we focus on aspects of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being.  Anita works through sensing, Jodie through sense and inner sight, and together we hold a sacred space in which we work with many specific leagues of angelic beings and archetypes who are eager to participate in helping establish highest potentials in embodiment.

We work form the understanding that there is perfection underlying all appearance; and that healing is a process of remembering of our wholeness… remembering the Self that never separated; remembering that separation is a dream.

To explore Whole Being Flourishing membership options, visit the website and be in contact with any questions; view the details at: Join Us


Evolutionary Intimacy – an invitation to group engagement!


In addition to the weekly facilitation of the WBF platform (see below), I am extending an open invitation to you All, Beautiful Ones, to join a communal space, a group coaching and discussion forum dedicated to exploring issues around intimacy, throughout all aspects of life, including sexuality. FaceBook has some restrictions on content within groups, and so to start one with the openness that I am envisioning, it likely has to be hosted on a platform other than FB… as there is interest expressed for such a group, I will be so delighted to establish it! If this is something you might be interested in, please do let me know by getting in touch with me through my Contact page! … much Love to You, Radiant Ones!