This is just a short excerpt for the contact page.


Reverent Blessings, Radiant One! I will be delighted to hear from you, whether you are interested in more information on anything shared within this site, and / or, you are inspired to explore working privately together. I offer each Beautiful Being a unique blend of healing protocols and alchemical tools, as we explore your present circumstances and future goals, in terms of your reverent relationship with yourself, your life, your intimate partner, and/or your family and friends. The contact form below is associated with my secured, private email account; all correspondence is received directly by me, and is completely confidential. I embrace you with Blessings of Luminous Self-Revelations Eternal! 

It is deeply exciting for me to have, through inspiration of “keeping our eyes raised in praise,” recently established this avenue through which to share some of my writing ~ spontaneously inspired articulation of self-support as Adoration in Manifestation, in the form of whole-being / multi-d affirmations ~ with each post speaking to inviting appreciative cognizance of conscious conversation with one’s expressed environment. I offer these as a gift of Divine Love throughout All of Life ~ and while I retain all Copyrights as the author via Reverent Intimacy, I offer these with Passion and Joy, and invite anyone to adapt these for your own use, in any way that most poignantly expresses a sense of self-support… 

Please feel free to contact me as inspired. It is a true pleasure and grateful privilege to walk in reverence together here. Blessings of Cherished Experiences Upon your Eternal Journey!