Celebrating 2018!

A Warm New Year’s Embrace, Radiant Ones!

I would like to extend my appreciation for the exquisite outpouring of resonance and support following the sharing of my past months’ mystical experiences in my prior blog post! It has been exquisite to be in contact with so many of you – my depth of reverent respect to you all!

As mentioned in December, I am celebrating the Holiday season and New Year, with a redesigned website and a $50 off special on all private sessions through both last month and January!  For details please visit my Private Sessions page, and feel free to take a look around the site. 🙂  Please also feel free to be in touch as inspired – I would be delighted to hear how you are doing and all that you are up to!

It is also a delight to share that Anita Lucia and I are soon celebrating our 1 year anniversary of our shared platform Whole Being Flourishing, and we are busy behind the scenes and excited to announce shortly our newest inspiration and expansion of the offering ~ details forthcoming!


Many Blessings upon our embodied clarity and flourishing evolution throughout 2018!! ~ Jodie ❤


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